Three Dimensional Video


PeopleVisionFX creates special effects for theme parks, museums and corporate exhibits. These effects include a unique process for 3-D video projection. In this process, a contoured signal is matched with a dimensional screen producing a projection in virtually any three-dimensional shape.


The SpokesMannequinTM A key product of this 3-D projection technology is the SpokesMannequin, an animated figure with a dimensional "headscreen" that resembles a simplified human face. Dimensional software of an individual is matched with the headscreen to deliver a moving, three-dimensional image that recreates the voice, likeness and expressive nuances of a live presentation. It can "clone" anyone, is compact and reliable, and can include interactive and other capabilities.



Dimensional Projection can present human beings, fantasy characters, machines, products -- virtually anything -- in life-size, miniature or enlargement.





The Concept VideoModel  is a display device for helping an audience to visualize the development of a product concept through various design stages, including line drawings, clay models and finished renderings. A three-dimensional video image is matched with a dimensional screen, producing a motion picture projection of the development of the concept. The drawings and sculptures appear to be created by an invisible hand in three-dimensional space.




Dimensional VideoLogo

The Dimensional VideoLogo is a display device that draws attention to a corporate logo and animates the logo in three dimensions. The display is based on the unique PeopleVisionFX system for the production of three dimensional television, where a three-dimensional video image is matched with a dimensional screen of an organizationís logo.




World's 1st 3-D Cartoon Character: PeopleVision has produced the world's first three dimensional cartoon character by combining classic cel animation with its innovative technique for 3-D video projection.




FollowTechTM is a headscreen technology that allows a dimensional video projection to make simultaneous eye contact with all members of an audience no matter where they are positioned. As people in the audience move about, the projection seems to turn to "follow" them.




Magic Mirror combines the FollowTech simultaneous eye contact system with a 50% reflection so that the dimensional image is translucent. The image can be superimposed over real or video imagery behind the mirror or over the observer's own reflection.



Product Options

  • Interactive

  • Animatronics

  • Cartoon Characters

  • Celebrities

  • Spokespeople

  • Fantasy Figures

  • Special Effects

  • Products & Machines



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