The Eternal Enchantment of Water

Water...symbol of hope, purity and dreams. Our fascination with water is as perpetual as life itself. Now, PeopleVisionFX combines video projection expertise with this most ancient of elements in HydroVision. These new effects include the HydroVision Water Screen, Water Ball and CloudBubble.


HydroVision Water Screen projects video onto a thin sheet of water. The system includes the screen, tank, pumps, hoses, video projection system and disc player. Video production services are also available.    




HydroVision Water Ball is a bubble of water that seems to hover in midair. The display is completely self-contained and includes the tank, pump, fittings and stand.





HydroVision CloudBubble is a small cloud that is contained within a thin membrane of water. the water is in the shape of a dynamic but stable bubble that seems to hover in midair. Because the cloud is translucent, still, video, and laser images can be projected on it. This effect was awarded the Buyers' Choice Award by Exhibitor Magazine. 




PeopleVision produces and markets creative special effects for theme parks, museums and corporate trade shows. Our systems are available on a purchase or rental basis. Call us today about our full-service capabilities.



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