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Las Vegas, NV: PeopleVisionFX's new PhotonInteractive© Display was selected for the Buyer's Choice Award during the Exhibitor2011 trade show in Las Vegas. The PhotonInteractive Display adds an interactive touch-screen capability to PeopleVisionFX’s PhotonOpticon© technology. The PhotonOpticon is a hologram-type effect where video images of varying levels of translucency are projected onto a transparent screen. Unlike ordinary holograms, the PhotonOpticon is able to move and to incorporate synchronized audio.

Judges found the versatility of this product “awesome,” one commenting that “he is going to use it at his next show.” Another found it a great way to do in-booth demos of heavy products while saving huge amounts on drayage.
The Buyers Choice Awards were chosen from all the products and services submitted the New Product Showcase at EXHIBITOR2011 by a panel of corporate exhibitors. Buyers Choice Award judging criteria includes innovative design, broad-based applications, whether the produce/service addresses an industry need, and whether it enhances the job of the exhibit marketing professional.
Each year, trade show and event companies introduce their newest products and services in the New Product Showcase at the Exhibitor Show. The showcase represents the year's major product introductions in an industry known for innovation.  Exhibitor Show is the largest annual event for trade show and corporate event companies, with more new products introduced than at any other venue

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