The PhotonOpticon©

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There's something new in special effects: the amazing PhotonOpticon© technology from PeopleVisionFX. The PhotonOpticon is a hologram-type effect where video images of varying levels of translucency are projected onto a transparent screen. Unlike ordinary holograms, the PhotonOpticon is able to move and to incorporate synchronized audio. The edges of the transparent screen can even be hidden in framing elements, creating high definition images that seem to hover in midair. Images can be solid or "ghostly," opening the door for dark ride and theatrical applications.

Company logos, products, faces...virtually any type of image can be projected in amazing resolution with the PhotonOpticon. As with all PeopleVision technologies, PhotonOpticon systems are modular and upwardly compatible. That means that your system can be upgraded in the future to incorporate new messages or the latest technological innovations. PhotonOpticon displays are compact, adaptable and reliable, with virtually no moving parts or required maintenance.


The New PhotonInteractive© Display

The exciting new PhotonInteractive Display adds an interactive touch-screen capability to the PhotonOpticon technology. The PhotonInteractive Display was selected for the Buyer's Choice Award at the Exhibitor trade show in Las Vegas.
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