Dimensional Video projects such as the SpokesMannequin, Anatomical VideoSculpture, and PhotonOpticon start between $20,000 and $30,000 but vary widely by individual project requirements. Specific costs are provided by proposal. Because PeopleVisionFX products are modular and upwardly compatible, you can start with a basic approach and enhance your display as your budget allows.
Because dimensional projection is based on optics rather than mechanical effects, it uses virtually no moving parts. That means that you get savings in maintenance costs for years to come.

HydroVision water effects include the Water Screen and Water Ball. The Water Screen is a method for projecting video on a sheet of water. The Water Ball creates the effect of a bubble of water that seems to hover in midair. The Cloud Bubble uses this bubble as a container which encloses a small cloud.
The Water Screen is a complete system that is available in a variety of screen sizes. Purchase prices for the Water Screen System begin at less than $18,000. Video production services are also available and are priced by proposal. Water Balls are currently available in a 12" diameter for $2,900. Cloud Bubbles are available at a cost of $4,300 for a 12" diameter effect.

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