A New Dimension In Communications.

PeopleVisionFX produces special effects for theme parks, museums, trade shows and special events. Our effects are “People Magnets” that inevitably attract attentive audiences.

The SpokesMannequin® is an animated figure that is based on our system for the production of three dimensional television. It can “clone” anyone, is compact and reliable, and can include interactive and other capabilities. Dimensional projection can present human beings, fantasy characters, machines, products — virtually anything — in life-size, miniature or enlargement.

The PhotonOpticon is a hologram-type effect where video images of varying levels of translucency are projected onto a transparent screen. Unlike ordinary holograms, PhotonOpticon images are able to move and to incorporate synchronized audio.

The Anatomical VideoSculpture is another product of PeopleVisionFX’s system for three dimensional projection. The Anatomical VideoSculpture is a life-sized human projection that “opens up” to reveal various internal organs.




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